A Century of Books

Thanks to Simon...

Here is my Century of Books page, complete with coding:*
grey: reading / to review; 
blue: done; 
K: Kindle edition. 
Mouse over to see if the title is linked to my review of that book.

*the colour coding hasn't been entirely successful as Blogger doesn't want to let me change colours later! Mousing over works though.

19011902 1903
19041905 Elizabeth von Arnim, The Princess Priscilla's Fortnight 1906
1910 1911 Max Beerbohm, Zuleika Dobson1912
1913 Pollyanna by Eleanor H. Porter19141915
191619171918 Enid Bagnold A Diary Without Dates
19221923 1924 Margaret Kennedy, The Constant Nymph [CC]
1925 Hugh Walpole, Portrait of a Man With Red Hair1926 V.L. Whitechurch, The Crime at Diana's Pool (K)1927 
1931 1932 T.H. White, Darkness at Pemberley (K)1933 Angela Thirkell, Wild Strawberries
1934 P.G. Wodehouse, Thank You, Jeeves1935 Dorothy L. Sayers, Gaudy Night1936
193719381939 Anthony Powell, What's Become of Waring?
1940  Monica Dickens, Mariana [CC] (K)1941 Gladys Mitchell, When Last I Died (K)1942
1943 Denis Mackail, Upside-Down; or, Love Among the Ruins1944 1945 Anya Seton, Dragonwyck
1946 C.A. Alington, Archdeacons Afloat (K)19471948 Josephine Tey, Miss Pym Disposes
19491950 Barbara Pym, Some Tame Gazelle1951 Georgette Heyer, Duplicate Death
1952 Andrew Garve, A Hole in the Ground1953 Diana Tutton, Guard Your Daughters1954 
1955 Gladys Mitchell, Watson's Choice1956 Elizabeth Goudge, The Rosemary Tree1957 Susan Tweedsmuir Cousin Harriet
1958 1959 Geoffrey Trease, So Wild the Heart1960
1961 Georgette Heyer, A Civil Contract
Dorothy Dunnett, The Game of Kings
19621963 Let's Kill Uncle by Rohan O'Grady
1964 Robert van Gulik, The Red Pavilion
Elizabeth Goudge, Linnets and Valerians
19651966 Lawrence Durrell, Sauve Qui Peut
1970 Miss Read, News from Thrush Green1971 1972
1973 Michael Innes, Appleby's Answer1974 Dodie Smith, Look Back with Love 1975 Crocodile on the Sandbank by Elizabeth Peters
1976 William Marshall, The Hatchet Man1977 J.I.M. Stewart, The Madonna of the Astrolabe1978
1979 Rosamond Fitzroy,The Manor of Braye
Nina Bawden, Familiar Passions
1980 Rosamond Fitzroy, The American Duchess
Rosamond Fitzroy, The Widow's Might
1981 Sarah Caudwell, Thus Was Adonis Murdered
William Marshall, Skulduggery
19821983 Anita Brookner, Look At Me 1984 Martha Grimes, Jerusalem Inn
Martha Grimes, The Dirty Duck
19851986 John Bowen, The Girls
Mary Wesley, The Vacillations of Poppy Carew 
Barbara Pym, An Academic Question
19881989 Beryl Bainbridge, An Awfully Big Adventure
Martha Grimes, The Old Silent
1990 Ann Cleeves, A Lesson in Dying
19911992 L.M. Boston, Memories1993 Hazel Holt, Mrs Malory and the Festival Murder
1994 James Melville, Diplomatic Baggage
Joyce Windsor, A Mislaid Magic
1995 Catherine Fox, Angels and Men1996 Joyce Windsor, After the Unicorn
1997 Tim Pears, In a Land of Plenty1998 Joyce Windsor, Arriving in Snowy Weather1999

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  1. I love the organisation here! You're already doing better than me :)