This is a blog about books, with a focus on my main areas of interest: writing for older children and young adults, books from the first half of the twentieth century, particularly by women, Canadian literature, crime novels and fantasy. 

Books for review are welcome, but please email me first. Published reviews reflect my personal opinion and if I don't like a book I am unlikely to review it. Books will be reviewed as soon as possible.  I usually post copies of my reviews on LibraryThing and sometimes to Amazon.co.uk, the Kindle Users' Forum, Goodreads, Waterstones and the Book Depository, and to NetGalley, as appropriate. I will occasionally agree to host guest posts or author interviews. I don't review self-help books.

Hurlyburlybuss: Children's Literature is my personal archive of my reviews of children's books, ranging from 1800 to the present, with a distinct, but not exclusive, weighting towards fantasy for older children. If it catches my attention, I'll review it! The review policy is the same as for GeraniumCat's Bookshelf.  

From time to time I talk about other things besides books -- mainly dogs!