Update, Easter 2017
I haven't been here for such a long time, and so much has happened while I've been away. Rather than post about it, I thought I would just put a brief update here. 

Last summer I moved to Devon to care for my mother who was ill. My stepfather had just died (after being bedridden for years) and Jan, my mother, had just come out of hospital after an attack of pneumonia, as we thought. Although I'd just started a new job, I was coming and going between home and Devon almost as often as before, but Jan wasn't getting better and cancer was diagnosed. She died six weeks after my stepfather. I'd thought I was going to be with her in her final months, but we were denied that time together. I have nothing but admiration for the help we had from the local hospice, who supported us so that she could die at home, but it was a cruel death, and this is as much as I want to say about it.

I stayed on to empty and sell the house, and to bring Jan's beloved greyhound home with me. I've been back since Christmas, and am just beginning to emerge into the world of the living again.

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