Sunday, 19 August 2007

Life in the country

The Country Wife by Lucy Pinney: I covered this on Cat Musings, though may return to it when writing about Firbank.

I Bought a Mountain by Thomas Firbank: I am still reading this and plan to write a long review on this and his other books.

The Country House in Perspective by Gervase Jackson-Stops: this is a fascinating book which covers eleven National Trust properties in England and one in Co. Fermanagh. Discussion of each property includes a plan, a cutway perspective drawing, paintings and photographs of the house, and a description of its history. I spent hours with the chapter on Castle Drogo (a Lutyens house in Devon) comparing the perspective drawing and plan, working out additional details of the design, which I was then delighted to find confirmed in the text. A full range of historical period is covered, starting with Bodiam, a "proper" castle, through late medieval to early twentieth century, with a good deal of social detail. I would have liked an exterior photograph of all of the houses but, where they are missing, there is enough information contained in paintings to make this a relatively minor quibble.

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