Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Canadian Book Challenges – round up and what next?

For this year’s Challenge I’ve gone lightweight. Well, my reading has, at any rate. I’m not making a list, I shall see what comes along, and where my whim takes me. The only intention I shall state is that, as long as my Bookmooched copies arrive safely, L.M. Montgomery’s Emily books will be amongst my reading. I shall, however, try to be a bit more systematic about reviewing, so that I don’t have to do a whole batch in June 2011!

The previous three Challenges have been tremendous fun and, although I didn’t finish any of them (9 for the first, 12 each for the second and third), they sent me hunting for books new to me, as well as revisiting a few old friends (I’ll list them all later under a - new- Challenges button). So, thanks to John, I’ve still read 33 Canadian books in 3 years. During that time, too, I’ve read some tremendous reviews by other bloggers in the Challenge, and have a very long list of books I want to read. I try to limit the number of books I order from Canada each year, so I’ll use Bookmooch where I can, add the occasional unexpected title from the library, wade into the TBR pile from time to time, and perhaps allow myself one overseas purchase. This year I’m also using NetGalley, which is a great source of new books – currently I’m reading Marianne Ackermann’s Piers’ Desire; The Find, which I read for the Third Challenge, was also from NetGalley.  It takes me much longer to read books onscreen, though, because at the end of a day in front of the computer both eyes and brain are tired. While my Other Half is stuck on his second cast-off laptop (mine so long ago I can’t remember when, passed on to younger son and finally to OH) I cannot possibly justify asking for an e-reader for Christmas, alas.

Piers’ Desire by Marianne Ackermann

Read, review pending
Murder at Graverly Manor by Daniel Edward Craig
Sleep While I Sing by L.R. Wright


  1. Aw, hooray for the Emily books! Will this be your first time reading them?

  2. Jenny, yes it will. I'm looking forward to them, I loved reading my way through the Anne books last year.