Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Library haul

Younger son went in to the library to collect some books that I had on order - seven all at once is a record. "The librarian said, There's quite a pile," he reported, "so I told her, She's started book blogging. Ah, she said..."

Started - huh! "I began in August 2007!" I retorted in great indignation. "In the life of the internet," he replied, "you've just started". I couldn't reply that I'd been using the interwebz since he was a squalling bundle, because he's always been more technically able than me, even when he was rather small.

Indignation notwithstanding, it's a pretty satisfying haul. I was a bit disappointed with the last Jasper Fforde book I read, but Shades of Grey seems to have been well-received. Nicola Slade's Murder Most Welcome is in the nature of a prequel for me, since she very kindly sent me Murder is the Cure last year - so I know I'm going to enjoy it.

I'm rather ashamed to say that I've never read Alan Garner's Thursbitch, an omission I've been meaning to rectify for some time. The delay was largely due to my (mostly unsuccessful) attempts to limit my bookbuying. Stephen Hunt's Rise of the Iron Moon is the third in a series that I've been enjoying immensely, so I'm dying to get started on it.

I've had Guy Gavriel Kay's Ysabel on order at the library for months - I think the original copy may have fallen victim to the floods that hit Morpeth in 2008, so this is a pristine copy, bought at my behest. And nicely in time for the Fourth Canadian Book Challenge, I think! The two Kate Ellis books turned up while I was searching for Canadian murder mysteries; instead, I happened on a series which takes place in South Devon, so I thought I would have to try them. She writes two series, and I have one of each here - the other is set in York (Seeking the Dead). Off to London in the morning, for three days, and I have three books with me. You never know, I may have a sleepless night!


  1. I have read one of Kate Ellis' mysteries, and did not know that one series was set in York! I must look those up. I quite like her, I just haven't gotten around to reading more yet. I remember you talking about NIcola Slade last year - she's on my books to buy if they ever get published/brought over here. So far no luck. And you are doing far better than I am at the Canadian Reading Challenge, I'm working on my first book now.

    Aren't library books fun? I have quite a few out now too.

  2. How nice of you to borrow Murder Most Welcome, Geranium Cat. Hope you enjoy it. I'm currently writing the third Charlotte Richmond novel, but the next book out will be a contemporary 'cosy' crime; I hope people will enjoy that too.

    (No sign of my books being published in North America yet, Susan. Sigh...)

  3. Susan, I've just read my fifth Canadian book for this challenge - can't quite believe it! Must review it soon. The York book was entertaining - the detective is called Joe Plantagenet.

    Nicola, I do look forward to your next Charlotte Richmond, she's a splendid heroine. However, as I liked Scuba Dancing so much, I think your contemporary crime novel is likely to be a treat too.

  4. Its a rainy afternoon here in New Zealand & I am gathering a list of books from my favourite bibliophile sites. I giggled reading your comments about the stash waiting at the library - on a good day hubby or me, will stagger back to the car with the latest collection. Teen girl has long since ceased offers to collect or carry the books - unless she needs to put a book on my card because she left hers at home.