My continued absence!

Anyone trying to read my blog may have noticed my rather lengthy absence. There are two reasons for this - most recent is the failure of our broadband connection, which has now lasted nearly a month!! I do hope that normal service will resume soon, but I can tell you, it is extremely inconvenient. Though possibly of benefit to local coffee shops.

The other reason is that not only the broadband is broken - I am too :-(

I'm having problems with my hands, which aren't working very well, and lots of things have got rather difficult. Typing not the least of them. Posts for the time being, always supposing we get out connection back, may be rather brief. Not at all sure about getting the hands back, but my robo-glove is quite entertaining.

I did manage a review on the last issue of Shiny New Books, though, and you can find it here, along with lots of terrific reviews by other people.

Looking on the bright side, we had an addition to the family. This is Loki, a 6-month old rescue - wicked, exuberant, affectionate and the plague of both dogs. You'll be seeing plenty more of him,* I'm sure.

* Update: The Animal Rescue got it wrong! Loki is a girl...


  1. Aww, Loki is gorgeous. Very sorry to hear about your hands :(

  2. Sorry to hear about your problems with your hands & the internet - I hope both will improve soon. Loki is lovely & with a name like that, can't fail to be a handful!

  3. Glad to see you back on the blog - but sorry about your problems. A robo-glove doesn't sound ideal for typing! Here's hoping 'normal service will soon be resumed.' Loki, asleep- so cute!

  4. Hopefully your hands will resume normal service soon, too, just like the broadband provider!
    I am looking forward to seeing more of Loki.

  5. Oh dear, I'm sorry to read all this. I've missed your posts, so I hope you'll be able to keep writing them in future.

    Loki is adorable.

  6. So sorry to hear ... I hope all three (two hands and one broadband) are working well soon.

  7. Sorry to hear about your health issues! I hope they resolve soon and completely.
    This is now the second blog I follow that has a cat named Loki.

  8. Really sorry about your hands! Sending you good wishes!! And the kitty is adorable.

  9. Sorry to hear about both your problems. Hope your hands soon mend as that's a real nuisance.

    Loki is gorgeous! And looks very comfy if I may say...

  10. Oh Jodie, I had no idea, I'm so sorry about your hands. I really hope they get better soon. Miss you here, though not as much as you miss doing all the things you love to do. I really hope they improve over the winter. Hugs from Canada.

    Loki is gorgeous! And a rescue cat too. I am so tempted by one or two on a Facebook page from here in Ottawa.


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