Sunday, 2 November 2014

A picture for Sunday

While I'm unable to type much we'll have some pictures. I have a new photo journal at Blipfoto - link on right. Although it will post new pictures as I upload (the idea is that I post a photo daily, though we'll see how long that will last!), I can also upload backdated photos, and I thought I might share them here.

This is lovely blue-and-white ware at Bamburgh Castle. I have some similar, but not nearly as elaborate. The dragons are appropriate because Bamburgh is the home of the story of the Laidly Worm. I should have posted this on Friday, for Hallowe'en!


  1. What with your hands and my eyes we are two for a pair. I hope the medics are able to sort you out soon. One of my passions in life is small teapots. I may just have to find a way of acquiring this one while no one is looking.

    1. Oh dear, Alex, this aging thing isn't much fun, is it? I hope you get the eye problems sorted out.

      The teapot is rather desirable, I must admit. I'll post another next week, maybe, just for you.