Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Myths and fairytales

Carl’s Once Upon a Time II Challenge was undoubtedly my favourite event of last year, bar none. I loved the RIP Challenge, too, of course, an excuse to venture into the darker side of life (and death) is not something I can resist, but folklore and fairytales are my first love. I’m delighted, then, to return to the blogging world after a couple of week’s absence to find that this year’s challenge is up, because I’ve been anticipating it for a while.

This year I’d like to include some serious reading, so I shall undertake Quest the Fourth, which requires that I read two non-fiction books, but I can’t miss out fiction, so I’ll try for Quest the First as well, five books which fit anywhere within the categories Fantasy, Fairytale, Folklore and Mythology.

The best challenges for me are those which allow decisions about what to read as I go, so I’m only posting my Pool of Possibilities (it has a rather William Morris feel, don’t you think, definitely on the way to the World’s End, if not actually there). At the moment they are all from the TBR pile, but no doubt others will present themselves, particularly once people are posting reviews.

Quest the First

A Winter Rose by Patricia McKillip: this has been on the TBR pile for quite a while, and I look forward to it.

The Poisoned Crown by Amanda Hemingway. I keep saving this because it’s the last in a series and I can’t bear to finish it.

The Kingdom Beyond the Waves by Stephen Hunt. I read the first of this series last year and raved about it here. It’s safe to read the second because a week or two ago I saw the third in a bookshop!

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. Because it didn’t come out here until 31 October last year, I couldn’t include this in the RIP Challenge. I doubt if I can keep it for this year’s challenge, so perhaps I’ll include it here.

Quest the Fourth
A Short History of Myth by Karen Armstrong. I started this last year, but then some work arrived and I gave up on it because I needed to concentrate. I shall add it to the pile on the bedside table. I haven’t decided on the second book yet – that will take a bit of research, I think.

It would be nice to take part in some weekend short story reading too – I might look for stories online. Right now I am going to finish my current book, so that I can start the challenge!


  1. Hurray! You're joining in! And welcome back from your absence, I've been looking for you. You'll have to tell me how the myth book is, it sounds interesting.

  2. I'm tempted to join this challenge too - I enjoyed it last year - even if I go for just one book!

    I've read Karen Armstrong's book, which as usual with all her books, I thought was excellent.

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog - to celebrate my 500th post.

  3. Hi Susan, I'm look forward to your posts.

    Booksplease, do! I think I remember reading your comments on the Armstrong book, too.

  4. Fantastic! Definitely wouldn't have been the same without you. Thank you so much for joining in again this year. Hope whatever you choose to read for the challenge is magical.

  5. I love McKillip too -- and you've pointed out a couple of new books to me. Great, just more to choose from!

  6. Carl, I'm bursting with enthusiasm and reading avidly.

    Melanie, one of the best things about challenges, I think, is the sharing of of books that are new to us, though the TBR pile looms ever higher as a result.