Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Scene of the Blog

Something different today - GeraniumCat's Bookshelf is featured on Scene of the Blog at Kittling: Books. When Cathy asked me to appear I was immensely flattered, because I'm always rather surprised that anyone actually reads my blog. I really started it to keep track of what I'm reading, and I wondered at first whether to make it public at all. Then I discovered book challenges and the question became irrelevant! And the other reason I started blogging was because, for years, I really had no one to share books with - both sons do read, and we share recommendations and pass books around, and I have discovered some great authors that way, but they don't read as much, or as widely as I do. But now there's someone, somewhere, to talk about almost any book with. Isn't that wonderful?


  1. That's a lovely post, and I'm so glad you've given us a glimpse behind the scenes. The places in which you read and work look very comfortable and welcoming.

  2. I enjoyed seeing your blogging spot on Cathy's blog. I've seen your comments on other blogs and came to investigate.

  3. That was nice! Thank you for offering us that glimpse into your "lair".
    And you should not be surprised at others reading your blog; your reviews are well written and your range of reading is broad enough to offer something for (almost) anyone.

  4. Some well deserved publicity because I love your blog too. And how lovely to see your 'lair'. Huge fun to see such a post about you. :-)

  5. Love your bedside stack!

    I just hopped over from Cathy's blog and would love to keep up with your blog - but I can't find the 'subscribe by e-mail' button. Am I looking in the wrong places?

    Please help.

  6. Karen, thank you - well, the dog is always welcoming at any rate!

    Kay, thank you, and welcome. Hope to chat to you here again.

    Librarian, I believe some people really like self-help books but I'm afraid there's a bit of a dearth here :-)

    Cath, lair does rather describe it! When I'm down south I think of it as a northern fastness to retreat to. Chilly at the moment though.

    Debbie, they really are the books I can't live without! They haven't changed much over the years, just been added to. There are some more on the next shelf up, but they are hidden behind Angela Thirkell.

    The "subscribe by email" button is now near the foot of the page - thank you very much for the prompt!

  7. I'm always rather surprised that anyone actually reads my blog.
    Well duh, I'm a faithful reader and I've given up on some other (and more famous!) blogs.

    I loved seeing your books - especially all those Thirkells looking just like mine - and am madly impressed and jealous that you have Words and Music. The Bolter! My very favourite kind of dog. *And* I had curtains in a room at my old house made of exactly the same William Morris fabric as yours. Is it any wonder that I read your blog? This is even though I can't share you interest in fantasy novels. Please keep writing.

  8. Callmemadam, Words and Music was my last ever (ha!) book extravagance, I had an alert on Abe, even though I knew I couldn't afford it, and bought it within 10 minutes of its appearance in my in-box. I'm going to read it on my birthday. I'm rather pleased with the 3 Thirkells which have their dust jackets - they have an extra cover made from those thin polyfiles to protect them from further damage.

    It's funny, but The Bolter says she is *her* very favourite kind of dog too...

  9. Congrats on your feature at Scene of the Blog! It is always interesting to see where bloggers work and play!

  10. Thank you for being such a wonderful guest, Jodie!

  11. Lovely photos and I love the dog! I too have a small house and 2 large dogs and many many books! But I wouldn't have it any other way. It's cosy! I really like your blog and am following now!