Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Another satisfying pile of new books, even larger than it should have been thanks to The Book People, who very kindly sell the Myths boxed set at the ridiculous price of £7.99 – how could I resist, particularly as I wanted the Atwood (The Penelopiad) for a challenge? Re-tellings of myths are very much my "thing", so I shall find them interesting reading. In those few minutes when I'm not doing anything else I'm keen to look in more depth at myths and fairy tales: I think I may have to learn to hoover while listening to an iPod! There has to be a way I can cram more into the day.

Thinking of which, I have some catching up on Jon Courtenay Grimwood to do: I now have 3 of his books to read, having bought End of the World Blues on a 3 for 2 offer at Waterstones, with the two Persephone books. The latter have been recommended widely by fellow bloggers, amd I think I need to read Miss Pettigrew... soon, before the film swims into view.

I heard Simon Armitage talking about his translation of Sir Gawain on Radio 4 recently, and he was so engagingly enthusiastic that I succumbed. Now, of course, I shall have to get a copy of the Tolkien translation for comparison, as it's many years since I read it.

The Nancy Mitford biography turned up serendipitously on Bookmooch; as some of you may recall, I've been re-reading her novels, and this will complement both them, as well as the recently read Debs at War. After that I mean to progress to the letters between the Mitford sisters, which I know others have been enjoying.

The final two are review books. I've written briefly about Salal here, and will post about this intriguing book at greater length. The fish book is rather fat, I'd better start reading it.


  1. The Myths boxed set looks amazing! And I like the comment that there must be some way to find more time to's a constant refrain in my mind these days too!!!
    Love your new blog header, too :-)
    oh, new books to read, great find, Geranium Cat!

  2. There IS a way in which we can all read more ... we can do less of everything else; and every so often we can tell people we're going on holiday, take the phone off the hook, unplug the computer, and depart to the back garden or sitting room (if weather inclement) and enjoy our books. We don't actually need to go away to do this, we can have a book holiday at home. What could be nicer?
    Magaret Powling

  3. Thanks, Susan - I was very pleased with the boxed set, as you can imagine.

    Galant, unfortunately, my holidays are a catalogue of things I absolutely must do - paint the kitchen, get on top of things in the garden, etc etc. I fantasise about actually going away to somewhere with no phone or email, but it's not going to happen.